Orthodontics in adults

The interest in correcting tight, protruding or irregular teeth is innate to humanity and we have findings related to this art dating back to the 8th century BC. Orthodontics is in charge of aligning the teeth and jaws, correcting their possible alterations and their maintenance in an optimal state.

Types of orthodontics for adults

With the evolution of techniques and materials, today there are several possible options for orthodontics in adulthood. The most prominent are the well-known metal brackets, the aesthetic ceramic brackets, those that are placed inside the teeth and the transparent removable dental braces. Although the last three have been designed to be imperceptible and represent a more aesthetic choice, each of these options offers an optimal result when facing dental correction.

Is there an age limit in a bracket treatment for adults

Although there is no age limit or a specific time for orthodontic treatments, we must bear in mind that in case of active periodontal disease, the treatment can only be carried out correctly.

What cases require an orthodontic treatment

Although each problem is evaluated in a personal way, the main cases in which this type of treatment is recommended are: dental crowding, dental protrusion (the upper incisors are far apart from the lower incisors) and overbite (the upper incisors cover in excess the inferior ones). In most of these situations, orthodontics allows to align the patient’s teeth in a period of time ranging from one to two years.

Today one out of every 4 patients with orthodontic treatments is an adult

With the passage of time, our greatest concern for health and aesthetics and medical advances, the number of orthodontic cases in adults is increasing. And it is that the orthodontics invisible in adults, allow not only an aesthetic improvement of our smile but also an improvement in masticatory function, a correct oral hygiene and, if necessary, a more effective prosthesis placement.

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