Early oral health care

The care of our oral health is transcendental, but the biggest problem with which we find ourselves is that they increase after presenting the problems, being a task that should be applied mainly as a preventive form but that many forget until a large part of their Denture receives complications.

That is why the dental care should be encouraged, assuring an optimal quality of life in the immediate future.

The great fight of the modern parents is with the sweets but the certain thing is that they are perfectly avoidable by means of the application of healthy alimentary habits, and the constant brushing in case of ingesting them.

Although it may seem strange the big problem of children with caries is not only due to the sweets but in many cases are their own parents who infect the child, with the activities where unconsciously or consciously .

The bacteria present in the mouth of an adult are not at all similar to the flora that our little children one has, even more if we are frequent consumers to coffee and of course smokers.

That is why this harmless act which many parents practice without having a sense of the magnitude of it is a great responsible for diseases and oral pathologies in children.

At the same time, we must also instruct our little one not to share any element that a school friend or friend would bring to the mouth, something very common at the time of rest in educational institutions.

To encourage brushing, we recommend that you talk to the little ones, maybe offering money, although it seems that this should not be the case, it is very effective, and ultimately the money that will be invested in the dentist to solve caries and other problems is infinitely higher than that. Gives children the gift for effectively fulfilling their tasks of cleanliness and care.

When he achieves adequate growth, he will be thanked for it and the practice will be part of his daily life without even realizing it.

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