Dry mouth 3 tricks to avoid it

Dry mouth affects more patients than it seems and can alter our quality of daily life. There are several tricks to avoid dry mouth?

How do I know if I have dry mouth? Also known as xerostomia, it consists of the feeling of not having enough saliva in the mouth. In most cases the xerostomia is due to an alteration in the salivary glands, which do not produce enough saliva. According to a study, dry mouth affects around 20% of the population in our country.

Sometimes the sensation of dry mouth is punctual and spontaneous. For example when speaking in public or for a long time, when waking up in the morning, when we consume medicines … But in other cases this sensation lasts and we speak of a disorder that must be treated by the professional of trust. There are gels and specific products to stimulate the production of saliva.

But, why do I have a dry mouth? These are the most common causes:

  • Harmful habits Smoking or alcohol consumption also alter the production of saliva.
  • Stress is one of the main causes of pathologies such as bruxism and xerostomia.
  • Other diseases. There are diseases such as diabetes that influence our oral health.
  • Alterations in the salivary glands.

3 practical tricks to avoid dry mouth

If you notice a feeling of excessive thirst, the pasty mouth, irritated tongue, chapped lips or very thick saliva. Most likely it is xerostomia. There are several tricks to combat the annoying sensation of dry mouth:

  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol. These habits are directly related to dry mouth. On the other hand it is also essential to maintain a thorough hygiene routine.
  • Allies without sugar. Increasing the consumption of sugar-free foods helps fight dry mouth. In addition, chewing gum and sugar-free candy are great allies to combat bad breath.
  • Enhance hydration. It seems like a simple trick, but it is the key to relieving xerostomia. Drinking a lot of water will help us replenish the salivation and also provide many benefits to our body.

Salivation plays an essential role in oral health. Saliva is a great ally to eliminate all traces of bacteria. It also helps to have a fresher breath. Therefore it is very important to go to the dentist of confidence if we notice any of the symptoms of dry mouth.

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