Dental injuries

Dental trauma is perhaps one of the most dramatic accidents that happen to an individual and its frequency in the dental clinic is increasing every day. In pediatric dentistry it is even more evident, since the incidence of dental trauma is greater in childhood and adolescence.

Dental injuries: common at 9 years

Between 6 and 12 years old, the school age, and with a peak at 9 years, we found the group with the highest risk to suffer dental trauma, mainly due to the practice of sports or violent games.

Dental complications

They usually affect one or a few teeth. In both dentitions (milk dentition and permanent dentition), the teeth that most frequently suffer traumas are the central incisors, especially the upper ones. Dental trauma can vary from a simple involvement of the enamel to the exit of the tooth out of place, and in turn can be compromised dental hard tissues and pulp (nerve), as well as periodontal tissues (those that hold the tooth), the mucosa and the bone.


Dental trauma should always be treated as a matter of urgency; therefore, the treatment must be immediate. A thorough exploration by the pediatric dentist or dentist will lead to the correct diagnosis and adequate treatment. Request a consultation with specialists to see the solution to your children’s problems. It is important to treat dental trauma in time.

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