Bottles cause dental deformation

Because the remains of food remain for hours on the surface of the teeth by an inadequate oral hygiene, initiates demineralization (caries) that manifests through small whitish spots in these.

This problem partially or completely destroys the temporary dentition from an early age, so that children suffering from tooth decay and abscesses around the teeth, come to have infections in other parts of their body and even diarrhea.

That although parents detect the conditions through which the child passes, for convenience they prefer that the child continue with the use of bottle or pacifier, even when they know the damage that this causes.

The stomatology’s of the IMSS said that the use of the manila or pacifier stimulates the growth of the pre-maxilla, which causes the problem of open bite (the upper and lower teeth do not close or make contact with each other).

Mastication is difficult; even, there are minors with this condition who cannot cut food properly, which generates functional, digestive and aesthetic complications, because in many cases their physiognomy changes.

That it is essential to remove the bottle to the child once he reaches his first year of life to avoid consequences for prolonged.

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