The baby’s food can cause cavities

Bacteria are mainly infected, in the case of babies, by mothers, who often kiss their children without measuring the consequences of those excessive displays of affection, says the specialist.

Oral care of the newborn should be done from the beginning with a gauze or the tip of a diaper gently rubbing the inside of the mouth to eliminate traces of milk after breastfeeding.

It is essential to take the babies to the pediatric dentist before the year for an oral evaluation and especially to receive the instructions in order to initiate our children in proper hygiene and also encourage the formation of oral habits among the youngest.

With the appearance of molars in children the dental toothbrush should be incorporated into daily hygiene and although he maintains that there is no specific technique to apply to children, it is best to carefully brush with water.

After 2 years, and with the presence of the second molar in the child’s oral cavity, the low fluoride toothpaste should be added.

There are already products indicated for children, since the high presence of fluoride in adult pasta can cause digestive problems.

From the age of 2 the children are already able to spit, so when added to an adequate toothpaste, there is no risk in their use.

It is not necessary to add in the cleaning the use of mouth rinses. There are no studies yet to support their use in children, so it is advisable to abstain in their use because they can be swallowed by children at the time of cleaning.

Small children who constantly consume sweets are the most likely to suffer from tooth decay. Since when entering the mouth they transform into acid, which promotes the perforation of the tooth producing the dreaded caries.

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