Adult orthodontics

Long overdue the classic idea that orthodontic treatments are only carried out in children, adults represent an increasingly higher percentage of our patients. In fact, currently in the United States, more than 35% of orthodontic patients are adults, and this number will increase as the average age of the population increases. Technically, the orthodontics in … [Read more…]

The artificial tooth enamel

The dental enamel, also called the adamantine substance, wraps the dentin in its fraction or third coronary, providing protection to the set of tissues or underlying structures. Composed of millions of hydroxyapatite prisms from the amino-dentin area to the incise area, it is the hardest tissue in the body. The tooth enamel is whitish, translucent … [Read more…]

Dental injuries

Dental trauma is perhaps one of the most dramatic accidents that happen to an individual and its frequency in the dental clinic is increasing every day. In pediatric dentistry it is even more evident, since the incidence of dental trauma is greater in childhood and adolescence. Dental injuries: common at 9 years Between 6 and … [Read more…]

Dental surgery of the future

The commitment to new technologies in medicine begins to be increasingly present in dental interventions carried out in specialized and qualified centers. A Basque clinic has emerged as a pioneering center in this field with the development of a revolutionary technology that promises to improve the aesthetics and dental health of patients suffering from serious … [Read more…]

Dentistry in the stone age

The renaissance of dentistry dates back 9,000 years ago, according to the findings reported in a scientific review of a recent issue of Nature. At least nine people living in a Neolithic village in western Pakistan had carved cavities in their molars during the course of their lives. Four of the teeth showed signs of … [Read more…]

Dental occlusion

The term dental occlusion refers to the contact relations of the teeth in function and for function. However, the term not only designates the contact of the arches at the level of an occlusal interface, but also all the factors that participate in the development and stability of the masticatory system and the use of … [Read more…]

Diabetes and oral health

In these times, we have all heard about diabetes. We know that it is a pathology produced because, for some reasons or others, there is an excessive amount of glucose in the blood of a person, with all that this can lead to. But what is often talked about much less i’ts effects on the … [Read more…]

Does chocolate cause cavities

It has always been believed that eating chocolate represented a danger to dental health, but an investigation in Japan denies it. According to Takashi Toshiba, from the University of Osaka, chocolate can even protect the teeth. The decay occurs when the bacterium Streptococcus mutants produces a viscous molecule, glycan, which facilitates its anchorage in the … [Read more…]

Dry mouth 3 tricks to avoid it

Dry mouth affects more patients than it seems and can alter our quality of daily life. There are several tricks to avoid dry mouth? How do I know if I have dry mouth? Also known as xerostomia, it consists of the feeling of not having enough saliva in the mouth. In most cases the xerostomia … [Read more…]

Early oral health care

The care of our oral health is transcendental, but the biggest problem with which we find ourselves is that they increase after presenting the problems, being a task that should be applied mainly as a preventive form but that many forget until a large part of their Denture receives complications. That is why the dental … [Read more…]