Average cost of extraction of wisdom teeth

The need to extract wisdom teeth means that the patient has to take time off from school or work for a surgery. Several factors can affect the final cost of the surgery. One of the factors affecting the cost is whether one or more wisdom teeth are affected. The patient or their family also need to find out if the insurance company will cover the cost or not. If not, the family will have to find a way to pay for the fees.

If you need to remove the wisdom teeth, you should seek surgery dental that will leave you out of your activities for several days. Since you’ll probably be sedated under general anesthesia, you will have to take time off from school or work to submit to surgery and to take an important post-surgical recovery time.

Most extractions of wisdom teeth are performed in the doctor’s dental surgeon dentist and his staff working on the patient. Some dental surgeons will give a price for the four wisdom teeth are extracted at the same time, although this is not a practice followed by all dental surgeons.

Average costs

In 2008, a dental surgeon’s office charged an average of $ 400 to five hundred dollars per tooth extraction surgery. This does not include the cost of general anesthesia, which ranges from $ 300 to $ 500 at least. On average, the patient’s family might spend more than two thousand dollars for surgery removal of a wisdom tooth.


Dental surgeons set their rates on the extraction of wisdom teeth, depending on whether the removal is complete removal (not embedded) or if the wisdom tooth is embedded in the patient’s jaw. If the tooth is not affected and completely out during surgery, the cost is about $ 100 per tooth. If one or more of the teeth are affected, the cost per piece will rise to $ 250 to $ 350 for a dental surgeon. If a general dentist removes wisdom teeth, the cost will be higher in the range of $ 250 to $ 350.

Another estimate from animated-teeth.com expected costs of extraction of a wisdom tooth in the range of $ 350 to $ 650 (extraction bone embedded). If the oral surgeon realizes that he is working with a “soft tissue embedded”, the cost per tooth will be $ 175 to $ 330.

Cost history

The cost of extraction of a wisdom tooth not embedded in 2009 could range from $ 100 to $ 330 per tooth. The cost of extraction of a wisdom tooth in 1991 ranged from $ 70 to $ 175 per tooth.

Insurance coverage

Some insurance companies do not cover the costs of extraction of wisdom teeth and other cover part or all of the cost. If your insurance does not cover it, or you do not have insurance, you have the possibility of negotiating a price for the surgery that fits your budget.

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