Avoiding black rotten teeth

There are many factors contributing to the teeth turn black and rot. Three factors must be present in the mouth for dental putrefaction occurs: the tooth, bacteria and carbohydrates. Poor hygiene dental, lack of care dental and consumption of substances that break down tooth enamel also contribute to discoloration and tooth loss. However, there are … [Read more…]

Average cost of extraction of wisdom teeth

The need to extract wisdom teeth means that the patient has to take time off from school or work for a surgery. Several factors can affect the final cost of the surgery. One of the factors affecting the cost is whether one or more wisdom teeth are affected. The patient or their family also need … [Read more…]

Caring for teeth after root canal treatment

You have finished last. Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) has been completed. The channels on the inside of the roots are cleaned, irrigated, medicated and sealed permanently. The opening in the tooth through which the treatment was performed was sealed with a filling. Instructions: Do not chew or try to eat the side of the … [Read more…]