At what age should children start brushing

The stage of childhood is the happiest for both children and their parents. In this period the infants are formed and acquiring the habits that will characterize them in their growth and in their adulthood.

That is why it is very important for parents to teach their children the importance of certain health care. We must point out the importance of hygiene, daily bathing, washing hands before eating and after going to the bathroom, and the care of your teeth through brushing.

At what age should children start brushing?

The oral hygiene in the child must start from birth, although not with toothbrush and toothpaste. When the child is newborn, the gums can be cleaned using gauze moistened with water or a silicone thimble. With it being done once a day is enough.

When the first tooth comes out (approximately 6 months) it is recommended to continue cleaning the gums, palate and teeth with a wet gauze or with a silicone thimble, but now twice a day.

By the time the child is one year old, you can start using a toothbrush for oral hygiene. However, it must be a brush designed especially for children of your age, that is small and with soft bristles. Brushing can be done only with water, or failing with a very small portion of special toothpaste for children (a portion equivalent to a grain of rice), that is, without the abrasives of regular toothpaste and with a concentration of much lower fluoride, to avoid the risks of fluorosis.

Parents starting at this age should brush their child until he has the ability to do it himself (approximately 7 years old). Once the child can do it by himself, parents should also monitor its continuity until adolescence.

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