Are you afraid of the dentist

Going to the dentist is something that we should all do, because a review at least a year is important to ensure that our mouth and its parts are healthy avoiding any kind of complications and diseases that may attack it.

Many people have the great fear, the phobia, of going to the dentist because for them to go with the oral health professional implies a time where our fears will be at their maximum, where we will have a torture more than a benefit so we will know these causes more common.

Throughout this short text we seek to offer what are the most probable and most common causes of terror that people feel against dentists and do not go with health professionals, so we can understand their fears a little better and avoid them this opposition.

Traumatic experiences: Having gone to the dentist and having suffered from painful treatment with tools and medicines may be one of the most common causes, since no one wants to relive the pain and all the complications derived from the use of tools and medicines in the treatment of people.

I’ll-treatment: In the same way, traumatic experiences not only have to do with pain and problems caused by treatment, but also with bad treatment that a dentist may have given us, with bad words and with attitudes that have not left anything good.

Lack of control: This is a bit strange but many people feel that being open-mouthed and unable to talk are not in control of the situation, which does not generate confidence and therefore a fear of going to the dentist to do treatments or revisions.

Influence: Another point that may be important is the fact of the experiences of third parties because a story or a testimony by another person can become an important influence to be able to make the decision of whether to go to the dentist or not and to buy a Third party experience is common.

Lack of confidence: Lack of confidence in a dentist may be another common enough cause, but also easy to finish because a talk with the dentist about his experience and preparation as well as about his team can dispel all kinds of doubts.

Fear of the unknown: Many times the unknown can be something complicated, something that stops us, so the change of dentist can generate that we have inside a fear that the new dentist is not so good and causes us pain or greater complications.

The shame: The shame is another point that can cause conflict, because many times we are afraid of being judged by our teeth, how they look so it is important to take into account that this will not happen as a dentist will always see teeth worse than yours, nothing is so bad.

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