Adult orthodontics

Long overdue the classic idea that orthodontic treatments are only carried out in children, adults represent an increasingly higher percentage of our patients. In fact, currently in the United States, more than 35% of orthodontic patients are adults, and this number will increase as the average age of the population increases.

Technically, the orthodontics in the adult does not differ almost nothing from the orthodontics of the child or adolescent, basically the teeth move the same but there are three factors that make the difference.

First, the fact that all the teeth have been replaced and that the growth is completely finished, makes it impossible to perform any type of preventive work, which means that extractions must be performed frequently or the collaboration of maxillofacial surgery.

Second, adult patients usually present other associated oral problems such as caries, absence of parts, gum problems that will have to be planned and solved in conjunction with other specialists, and therefore, making multidisciplinary treatments.

Third, many adults think, not with some reason, that the teeth move more slowly and that they will need a lot of time to correct them. In practice, treatments in adults do not last longer than in children since this initial difficulty is compensated by a higher motivation, hygiene and care of the devices. In the end, the time is less than or equal to the treatment in children!

Adults do not give up on a perfect smile.

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