10 things you did not know about your teeth

An adult person has 28 to 32 teeth, but in addition to knowing the importance of brushing teeth and flossing, what else do you know about that part of your body?

In order to satisfy your curiosity and know more, we bring you 10 things you did not know about your teeth:

  1. Some babies are born with teeth: Approximately one in every 2,000 babies is born with native teeth, so sometimes the first appointment with the dentist is only a few days after birth. The natal teeth usually grow in the lower gums and tend to have weak roots and are often removed to avoid problems with breastfeeding and accidental ingestion. Being born with your teeth can be a symptom of certain medical conditions, but it is usually harmless. Two famous people who were born with teeth were Napoleon and Julius Caesar.
  2. Not everyone loses their milk teeth: At age 3, the average child has a complete set of 20 temporary teeth. These little teeth get loosened and finally fall out so that the lower permanent teeth come out. Children usually begin to lose their teeth around 5 or 6 years and end in adolescence. But if a person does not have a permanent replacement tooth, the milk tooth will stay where it is.
  3. And there are people who cannot stop losing their teeth! People with extra hyperdontia have teeth that remain hidden below the gum line, but from time to time they will arise. If the additional teeth hurt the gums, they can clog the teeth, so an orthodontist can remove them and straighten them.
  4. Teeth can also develop tumors: No one knows what to do in the face of abnormal growth that tumors unleash, but teratomas are especially repulsive. Germ cell tumors can contain various types of tissues and are usually found in the ovaries, testes and near the coccyx. Some of them, even, can arise in the teeth. And the hair. And every once in a while the eyes, the hands and other extremities! Fortunately, many teratomas are benign and can be removed surgically.
  5. The more crooked the better: Having perfect teeth is synonymous with whiteness and alignment, but not in all countries or cultures. In Japan, the crooked teeth called Yabba are so coveted that some women with perfect teeth enkuecan them to improve their smiles, because their beauty ideal tells them that it makes them look younger and more adorable, that makes sense.
  6. Human beings are going to evolve: A third group of molars helped our ancestors to survive, having bigger jaw we managed to crush roots, fruits and leaves. But today, 35% of people are born without wisdom teeth. Most of the rest of us are encouraged to remove them because our mouths are very small. When our bodies no longer need an organ or part, it becomes vestigial and disappears with time. According to scientists, future generations will not have appendages, wisdom teeth, and maybe even smaller feet.
  7. You may be surpris that the sugar contained in some dishes is more likely to cause cavities, than candy, such as bread, chips or fruit, because sugar sticks to your teeth and sugar contains chocolate or the sweets dissolves quickly with saliva.

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